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Natural Ways To Reduce Blood Sugar

Elevated blood sugar, also known as hyperglycemia, is a dangerous condition. Before the modern Western diet, diabetes was extremely rare and now, the disease is more and more common – more people have elevated blood sugar – more are becoming … read more »

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Foods to Fight the Sugar Bug

Face it. Sugar calls your name. Even though you know it isn’t healthy for you, and as hard as you try to avoid it, it still beckons, whispering seductively from every corner of your life. And it isn’t any wonder, … read more »

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Why Fad Diets Don’t Work

Bookstore aisles are budging with every kind of diet book imaginable. The Internet is equally crowded with quick fixes sure to reduce belly fat in the blink of an eye. Ads on television bombard us with rapid weight loss programs, … read more »

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Foods That Can Help Prevent And Fight Cancer

With cancer ranking second in the top U.S. causes of death according to the CDC, many people are looking for answers on ways to stem the spread of this deadly disease. Of course, no one answer can be pointed to … read more »

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Want To Lose Weight? Control Your Blood Sugar Levels

With more than half the population overweight and 35% classified as obese, excess weight is the biggest US health crisis of the 21st century. Obesity is a causative factor in stroke, heart disease, Type II diabetes, and certain types of … read more »

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Suffering From Heartburn? Too Little Acid May Be The Cause

60 million people in the US suffer from heartburn every month, and 15 million people suffer from it every day. A burning sensation that occurs after eating, antacids and proton pump inhibitors are the primary medical treatment for heartburn. While … read more »

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