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Foods That Can Help Prevent And Fight Cancer

With cancer ranking second in the top U.S. causes of death according to the CDC, many people are looking for answers on ways to stem the spread of this deadly disease. Of course, no one answer can be pointed to … read more »

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Can Eating Healthy Fats Help Prevent Prostate Cancer?

While discussions of healthy fats usually center on heart health, a recent study links those same fats to the prostate. Published in Jama Internal Medicine online in June, the study followed the lives of 4,577 men from 1986 to 2010. … read more »

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Probiotics – Making Friends with Bacteria

If you are one of those people with a tube of anti-bacterial hand gel clipped to your purse, or kept handy in the top drawer of your desk, then that title may have just grossed you out. Me, make friends … read more »

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Breast Milk Not Just For Babies Anymore: Breast Milk Used To Fight Cancer

The health benefits of nursing infants are well documented and have been widely known for decades. Recently, however, researchers have been targeting the benefits of “liquid gold,” as it has been coined, for adults.  Consuming just a few ounces of … read more »

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