Need Energy? 4 Ways To Boost Your Energy Naturally

Rebecca Pound

You get them, don’t you? Those afternoon lags when all you want to do is lay your head on the desk and sleep. Better yet, curl up on the waiting-room sofa. Who cares if the boss walks in? If your job, life, and stress is leaving you zapped for energy, most likely you don’t have the opportunity to catch a quick nap, so you turn to a double-shot espresso, an energy drink, or reach for the sugar snacks. Unfortunately, these quick “energy” fixes are actually wreaking havoc on your body, zapping your adrenal system, and compounding the problem. For some more natural energy boosting alternatives, check out these four great tips that can get you through the day without harmful stimulants.

  1. Get Moving – research shows that lacing up your tennis shoes and getting some exercise does not promote fatigue, but actually combats it. As unlikely as it may seem, a review of over 70 randomized, controlled studies involving over 6,000 people gives credence to the fact that exercise can actually produce energy. Scientists believe the boost in energy may be due to the extra release of feel-good hormones such as dopamine. No time for a workout? Something as simple as taking the stairs every day instead of the elevator can help get the body moving.
  2. Oat Straw Extract – promising research published in a number of sources, including the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine point to the effect of oat straw extract on brain cognition: your ability to think, understand, learn, and remember. It may be that the properties in the oat straw expands blood vessels in the brain, allowing for more circulation and a more alert mind.
  3. Let the Sun Shine In – actually, get out in the sun. As little as 20 minutes a day out in the sun helps your body absorb more Vitamin D, a substance essential for general health and energy levels. In addition, sunlight boosts the body’s serotonin levels, increasing your feeling of well-being.
  4. Don’t Skip the Fat – while most Americans have been scared away from eating fats, they are actually an essential part of the diet, and a critical factor when it comes to energy. The key is eating the right kinds of fats. While many of us have learned the value of adding antioxidant rich food in our diet, few of us realize that those antioxidants have limited availability without proper fats. A study revealed that the body absorbed more antioxidants from salads with full-fat salad dressing versus non-fat salad dressing. Fats that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids are a great choice, and can be found in foods such as fish and nuts.

Energy is so much more than a feeling of the moment, is a practice of lifestyle. Energy levels can be increased and maintained by adding a few simple practices into your routine. The four we have mentioned here take little time, yet can reap dividends in your energy banks.

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About the Author: Ever since receiving her Master Herbalist certificate in 1999, Rebecca Pound has continued pursuing a knowledge of health, herbs, natural healing, and healthy eating. She has also worked as a health consultant. Rebecca currently works as a volunteer serving underprivileged people in Central America, while nurturing her interest in health through research and writing. To read more articles by Rebecca, please visit
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