How To Prevent Painful Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are formed when substances present in the urine such as calcium, oxalate, and phosphorus become highly concentrated.  In the human body, food is used for energy and tissue repair.  After the body has used what it requires, the … read more »

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Is Physical Fitness The Key to Your Child’s Academic Success?

In an age when many schools are cutting physical education classes in response to funding issues, and childhood obesity is on the rise, a growing body of evidence reveals that physical fitness has a direct correlation to academic success. In … read more »

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Why No One Should Ever Eat Wheat

We are a wheat-loving nation. Breads, pastas, baked goods, you name it, we are a people who just can’t say no to their carbs. Yet we are also a fatter, sicker and far less-healthy nation than most of the rest … read more »

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The Medicinal Benefits Of Cactus – Helping To Prevent Both Diabetes And Cancer

Natural products and health supplements have increasingly been used by the medical community and general population in recent years for improved well-being and overall prevention of diseases. Many common plants have now become a valuable source of nutraceuticals due to … read more »

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Tis The Season To Eat Chocolate – Four Tips On Picking The Healthiest Kinds To Eat

You’ve heard it, right? The best news of the century has to be that chocolate is actually good for the health. But before you go down to the store and load up on your favorite candy bars, here are a … read more »

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Flu Shot Propaganda In Full Swing For The Holidays, Yet Flu Shots Still Contain Mercury

It starts just around Halloween, those commercials that warn of the oncoming flu season. News programs take full advantage of a poorly informed public, touting a stronger-than-ever flu season, though in reality even researchers don’t know exactly which strain will … read more »

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