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Chair Yoga – A Gentler Form Of Yoga

Among the several different types of yoga practiced, chair yoga evolved in recent years as a method of achieving physical and mental fitness.  As the name suggests, chair yoga is practiced sitting in a chair, or sometimes using a chair … read more »

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Do Statin Drugs Actually Alter The Effects Of Exercise?

For those struggling with dangerously high cholesterol, statin drugs were once thought to be practically a life-saver. One in four Americans over the age of 45 are currently taking statins, a medication designed to lower cholesterol levels. For years now … read more »

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Is Physical Fitness The Key to Your Child’s Academic Success?

In an age when many schools are cutting physical education classes in response to funding issues, and childhood obesity is on the rise, a growing body of evidence reveals that physical fitness has a direct correlation to academic success. In … read more »

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