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Is Physical Fitness The Key to Your Child’s Academic Success?

In an age when many schools are cutting physical education classes in response to funding issues, and childhood obesity is on the rise, a growing body of evidence reveals that physical fitness has a direct correlation to academic success. In … read more »

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Flu Shot Propaganda In Full Swing For The Holidays, Yet Flu Shots Still Contain Mercury

It starts just around Halloween, those commercials that warn of the oncoming flu season. News programs take full advantage of a poorly informed public, touting a stronger-than-ever flu season, though in reality even researchers don’t know exactly which strain will … read more »

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Alternatives To Antibiotics – An Herbal Answer To Drug-Resistance

You have probably heard about it in the news: the ever increasing resistance to antibiotics popping up among the world’s illness causing bacteria. The Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) latest information regarding antibiotic resistant bacteria is alarming, and leaves many … read more »

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