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Why No One Should Ever Eat Wheat

We are a wheat-loving nation. Breads, pastas, baked goods, you name it, we are a people who just can’t say no to their carbs. Yet we are also a fatter, sicker and far less-healthy nation than most of the rest … read more »

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What Is Gluten And Why Should I Avoid It?

Chances are you’ve probably noticed the term “gluten-free” popping up more and more these days. Where grocery stores once had only dedicated a mere corner to the few meager gluten-free products available, there are now several aisles and in some … read more »

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Go Gluten-Free For A Day! Tasty Recipe Included

A common misconception is that only people with celiac disease (those severely allergic to gluten) must stay away from eating breads, pasta, and cookies make with wheat or other grains containing gluten. The reality, however, is that millions of Americans … read more »

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