Cardamom – The Wonder Spice Full Of Medicinal Properties

Shantha Kalia When you hear the word cardamom, probably you envision cardamom shortbread, cardamom tea, or curry.  Sure, cardamom is used in all of the above and more recipes, but did you know that that cardamom has valuable medicinal benefits making it a huge part of everyday home remedies in many parts of the world.  … read more »

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Need Energy? 4 Ways To Boost Your Energy Naturally

Rebecca Pound You get them, don’t you? Those afternoon lags when all you want to do is lay your head on the desk and sleep. Better yet, curl up on the waiting-room sofa. Who cares if the boss walks in? If your job, life, and stress is leaving you zapped for energy, most likely you don’t have the opportunity to … read more »

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Garlic: The Ultimate Heavy Metal Detoxifier

Susan Patterson Garlic has always been favored by cooks for its unique flavor, and by natural health practitioners for its healing properties. The antimicrobial properties of this tiny bulb have been used time and again to cure fungal infections and relieve coughs and colds. This anti-hypertensive, anti-cholesterol … read more »

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Why Steamed Meats, Fruits And Vegetables Are So Good For You

Shantha Kalia Today more and more people are looking for healthier options of cooking food at home to avoid processed and unhealthy foods.  Steaming is one of the most popular ways of healthy cooking, which can be easily done at home.  Steamed food can be easily incorporated into a healthy diet that focuses on plenty … read more »

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Watch Your Lunch: Five Foods That May Contribute To Cancer

Rebecca Pound Do you long for the days when you could lift your fork to your mouth without worrying about what possible harmful chemicals the food might contain? It seems those days have long been forgotten, and today we must not only worry about what fats cause heart disease, but what foods may be promoting cancer. … read more »

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Do You Know What’s In Your Makeup And Personal Care Products?

Susan Patterson Have you embraced a healthy lifestyle whereby you are conscious of what you put in your mouth, manage stress, sleep well and make an honest effort to do something physical each day? If so, that's great and your body and mind are thanking you now for the effort. The cleaner your diet and the more movement … read more »

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