Amish Study Provides Hope To Decreasing Cesarean Birth Rates

Due to the increasing trend toward non-vaginal childbirth, health care analysts have recently suggested decreasing the primary cesarean delivery rate and increasing the VBAC rate as key strategies in decreasing the U.S. cesarean rate. A recent Amish study brings some … read more »

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Can “Flow” Solve Our Current Job Crisis?

For over 10 years the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has been conducting job satisfaction surveys and have compiled a wealth of data that is quite telling of the current American job crisis. In their recent 2012 report, 81 … read more »

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Mumps Outbreak In Highly Vaccinated Community

A study published last year in the New England Journal of Medicine took a closer look at the mumps outbreak that occurred in New York and New Jersey from June 28, 2009, through June 27, 2010. A total of 3502 … read more »

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Go Gluten-Free For A Day! Tasty Recipe Included

A common misconception is that only people with celiac disease (those severely allergic to gluten) must stay away from eating breads, pasta, and cookies make with wheat or other grains containing gluten. The reality, however, is that millions of Americans … read more »

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Breast Milk Not Just For Babies Anymore: Breast Milk Used To Fight Cancer

The health benefits of nursing infants are well documented and have been widely known for decades. Recently, however, researchers have been targeting the benefits of “liquid gold,” as it has been coined, for adults.  Consuming just a few ounces of … read more »

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Natural Approaches To Managing Back Pain and Neck Pain

The statistics are shocking:  85% of the US population will experience back or neck pain at some point in their lives.  31 million Americans suffer from specific low back pain. In addition, back pain is the leading cause of disability … read more »

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