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How To Get A Better Night’s Rest By Changing Your Sleep Environment

Insomnia, disrupted sleep, restless nights. Lack of rest plagues many, coming in the night to steal away one of the most important aspects of survival, sleep. Recent studies suggest that long term lack of sleep is connected to brain tissue … read more »

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Does Less Sleep Mean More Fat?

Do you, like millions of other Americans burn the candle at both ends, staying up until all hours of the night and rising early to meet work, family or social obligations? If so, you may be jeopardizing your health more … read more »

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Americans Battle Insomnia: Try Natural Therapy First

Do you toss and turn, count sheep, lay awake and think about all that you have to do at night? Do you wake up tired, feeling as if you’ve been run over by a truck? It could be that you … read more »

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