Go Raw To Treat Allergies And Asthma

Susan Patterson

Sick of sniffles and runny eyes? Tired to struggling to catch your breath from even the slightest bit of exercise? While doctors are quick to prescribe a bevy of antihistamines, inhalers and other medications, you may need to look no further than your refrigerator to combat your health issues.

Individuals can develop allergies in part due to their parents. If your mom or dad suffers from an allergy, there’s a good chance you will too. In some cases, however, we develop them as we age. Why? Most likely it is because of the diet we consume.

As the rise in allergy-sufferers grows, doctors have been forced to question why the trend continues to spiral upward. Interestingly enough, the Westernization of healthier, natural diets is a major contributor. Americans have managed to take healthy foods and process them to the extreme or genetically modify them in a way that our bodies no longer understand what they are being fed. The result, an allergic response.

Self-proclaimed “junk-food junkie to raw vegan,” Jenni or “Raw Jenni” as she’s known online, has witnessed the results that a primarily raw or vegan diet can have. When she found herself struggling to breath and was diagnosed with sports-induced asthma her doctors were quick to load her up with pills, meds and inhalers. Yet even though her doctors assured her this was the answer, she decided to try something else.

In 2010 Jenni changed her diet from a traditional Western diet of processed food to a raw and dairy and gluten-free alternative. Her results astounded her. In no time she was able to breathe freely as her allergy and asthma symptoms faded into nonexistence. Inspired by her new-found health, she continued to eat clean and found many of her other conditions cleared up as well. She notes on her online blog, rawjenni.com, that she used to suffer from constipation for days at a time as well as arthritis, frequent colds and menstrual cramps. Thanks to her diet, these conditions have all cleared up.

Jenni is not the only individual who has experienced improved health by adopting a raw diet. Researchers have found that women who consume a primarily plant-based diet have a 30 percent lower chance of developing chemical allergies and a 24 percent lower chance of developing asthma. And women who are or plan to become pregnant should be especially certain to avoid processed and genetically engineered food as they will be directly exposing their child to harmful toxins and increasing their risk for health problems later in life.

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About the Author: Susan Patterson is a natural health writer with a passion for living well. Her writing includes regular contributions to some of the most visited health and wellness sites on the internet, e-books, and expert advice sites. As a Certified Health Coach, Master Gardener and Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor, Susan has helped many people move towards a better understanding of alternative health options. Susan practices what she writes and is an avid fitness enthusiast, whole foods advocate and pursuer of sustainable living. To read more articles by Susan, please visit HolisticCarePros.com.
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