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The Truth About Saturated Fat – Is It Really The Enemy?

We all know the rhetoric: avoid saturated fats at all costs, if you want what’s best for your heart, right? We choose low-fat dairy products, the leanest cuts of meat, and of course, avoid at all costs, anything cooked with … read more »

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Is The Sugar In Fruit Bad For You?

By now, most of us have been hearing warnings about sugar for a long time. After all, sugar is said to wreak havoc on our bodies, including such repercussions as obesity, higher cholesterol, poor protein absorption, and weakened eyesight. Add … read more »

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Microwave Cooking – Are We Trading Convenience for Health?

The microwave, designed to be used as part of our spy efforts during World War ll, was discovered as a cooking tool quite by accident when it was found that radar waves melted candy bars. Microwave heating proved to be … read more »

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