Natural Approaches To Overcoming Sexual Dysfunction In The Elderly

Eric L. Zielinski

Many feel that healthy sexual expression for married couples is vital for health and well-being. Sadly, however, U.S. health care professionals and lay people alike have marginalized the elderly population as asexual or that sexual dysfunction is commonplace. Although it is true that many senior citizens experience problems in this area, the reasons may not be as commonly believed.

Common Barriers to Healthy Sexual Expression in the Elderly

It has been suggested that common barriers to healthy expression in the elderly may include the following:

  • Failing health
  • Decreased energy
  • Pain/deformity particularly hip issues
  • Medicine side-effects
  • Depression
  • Physical unattractiveness of spouses

Post-menopausal women are oftentimes affected with insecure feelings of being sexually undesirable and may subsequently lose interest in sex. Men may struggle with self-esteem concerns as well, although more lose their sexual hunger due to viewing their aging partner as “unattractive.” Older men are also affected by hypertension, diabetes, prostate enlargement, and cancer linking them to impotence.

The Underlying Problem

The above concerns are very real and have been validated by countless testimonies and research studies, however, the root cause(s) of these issues seem to be centered on a different matter. Why, for instance, do so many senior citizens experience rapid failing health in the U.S. as compared to other countries? Even though our life expectancy still ranks quite high on the global scale, the quality of life many American seniors experience is sub-optimal.

Could it be that sexual dysfunction in the elderly is actually a sign of poor health and not a inevitable outcome of aging? Studies, for instance, have linked everything from poor nutrition and poor sleeping habits to sexual dysfunction. Interestingly this may be why so many young people are taking sexual enhancing supplements. It is therefore plausible to correlate commonplace failing health in American seniors to poor sexual expression.

Health = Vitality

Vitality is sign of proper nutrition, rest, and mental attitude.  Thus, to increase sexual drive and potency – even to old age – staying mentally, emotionally, and physically fit is paramount. To maintain ultimate health and fitness, it is vital for the elderly to consider the following:

  • Drugs mask the problem and do not address the root issue. It is rare to meet someone over 65 who isn’t on some sort of drug regimen. Blood pressure and cholesterol lowering drugs are at an all-time high and, when mixed with other prescriptions, put people at elevated risks of complications and ill-effects. Before taking drugs, consider working with your primary health care provider to try some natural approaches first. If they are not familiar with “natural” remedies, contact a holistic or homeopathic physician in your area as they are well-trained in alternative methods.
  • Reduce toxicity by taking great care of what you eat and drink. Years of drinking unfiltered water and eating processed foods takes its toll on the body, however, damage to the body can generally be halted or even reversed!Consider working with a health coach or contact your natural health care provider to help evaluate your food diary to see what loopholes need to filled to help you live to your maximal potential.
  • Keep moving – we are made to be mobile. Office work and physical inactivity has done more harm to sexual vitality than anything. Physical inactivity reduces proper blood flow, joint motion, increases pain, and has been linked to depression amongst other issues. Walking, gardening, and simply living a live of movement does more good to your body than one-hour sessions at the gym. By staying busy with a variety of activities, you’ll keep your muscles fit for long-term use.
  • Remember, health is a lifestyle decision more than winning the genetic lottery. Health begins with determination and faith that you can live a life free of sickness and disease. Once you truly believe this, results are certain to follow!

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About the Author: Health coach, life coach, author and speaker, Eric L. Zielinski is a Chiropractor who continues to seek out ways to influence the world toward sustainable living and alternative health care. As a writer Eric’s work can be seen in a wide variety of venues including Christian, health/wellness, and academic peer-reviewed literature. To read more articles by Eric, please visit
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