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Go Nuts! 4 Great Health Benefits Of Munching On Nuts

It is likely you have heard some buzz about nuts lately. Perhaps you are ready to brush it off as the latest fad. However, before you desert the nuts, take a look at four quick study-backed benefits of eating nuts. … read more »

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GMOs – What Are They And Should I Avoid Them?

Do you know what GMOs are? Do you know that GMOs are banned in at least nine European countries? Do you also know that they are in your everyday food? If the answer to these questions is no, then the … read more »

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3 Easy Resolutions to Keep You Healthy in 2014

It’s a brand new year and people have begun thinking about or are already working on their New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, many of the resolutions we make are either too lofty or simply forgotten about before February opens its doors. … read more »

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Is Physical Fitness The Key to Your Child’s Academic Success?

In an age when many schools are cutting physical education classes in response to funding issues, and childhood obesity is on the rise, a growing body of evidence reveals that physical fitness has a direct correlation to academic success. In … read more »

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Tis The Season To Eat Chocolate – Four Tips On Picking The Healthiest Kinds To Eat

You’ve heard it, right? The best news of the century has to be that chocolate is actually good for the health. But before you go down to the store and load up on your favorite candy bars, here are a … read more »

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5 Tricks To Fighting Off The Flu Bug

Fall is upon us and winter is peeking around the corner, taunting us with thoughts of snow, sleet, and the flu. Unfortunately for those of you who may love the winter season, many dread it because of the fact that … read more »

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